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We are unequivocally driven by the ideal of establishing and maintaining partnerships through our work on behalf of customers' success.
Focusing on high-level and high-quality support to businesses in both the for and non-profit worlds, we strive to provide smaller and successful players in the market the tools and professional HR/Organizational Excellence service structure they need to successfully develop, implement and meet strategic goals.
Globalization has allowed all businesses, large and small, to reach far corners of the world. If you are an entrepreneurial organization that is poised to reach beyond the US borders or simply need to establish contacts around the world, we may be able to help you find the right people--by identifying country-specific consultants and assisting with networking for recruiting or selection of local talent. We enjoy a network of professionals across a variety of industries around the world and especially in the large emerging markets in Latin America.

A technology savvy and resourceful organization, MP & Associates fully embraces many of the underutilized cost-effective tools to support, communicate and meet your business needs without additional costs. We leverage 21st century business skills and resources to, whenever possible, eliminate the barriers imposed by geography, to avoid unnecessary travel-related costs to your project. 

Our consultative/partnership approach to business is at the heart of our philosophy. Whether it is a small project or one that requires longer planning and implementation periods, our focus is on delivering it with expediency, accuracy and professionalism. With a variety of strategic and transactional HR services to choose from, you will be able to prioritize your needs in alignment with your business life-cycle. 

Marc Pinto, MD, MA, Principal

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Timi Gleason, Sr. Consultant

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What is in it for us? 
The healthy pursuit of opportunities, working with you to overcome challenges, the rewarding feeling of a job well done at the end of each project, your trust, recommendation and a paycheck!

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