Marc Pinto & Associates - Strategic HR & Organizational Development Partnerships

"I worked with Marc while working as a Sales Director in a prior company. Marc comes across as a fair and balanced professional whose opinion is often sought and valued by the team. Marc is a reliable team player who always delivers high quality results and can be counted on to lend a hand whenever needed."
Launa Zanella, Global Sales & Consulting at Altegris Investments

"Marc Pinto worked with the key principals of our company in order to put together a clearly defined vision and list of specific goals that could be relayed throughout the company.  He more than met the expectations of everyone on the team and helped mediate some very heated discussions, which in the past had never ended in resolution.  Even the most difficult of personalities walked away from the meetings feeling like there was a measureable level of success.  Since our original work with Marc our company has grown leaps and bounds and we plan to bring him back to help take us to the next level".
Deborah McMichael Larson, COO at Residential Niche, Denver CO

"I had the good fortune of working with Marc at a young, fast-growing company. Marc took a leadership position within the HR organization to create programs and processes where none existed. He refined processes that were complicated and not well understood. Marc is well-organized and he is able to identify areas in need of improvement and works to create efficiencies. Marc is a good communicator and a great team player."
Rendi Miller, Sr. Manager, Travel and Procurement at Splunk, Inc.

"Marc works as part of Taproot HR Capacity Build projects, for which he brings valuable and knowledge across various HR disciplines. His extensive skills, knowledge and abilities in HR-specific subjects are often pointed out by his teammates. Marc's congenial and gregarious personality, as well as his flexibility to adapt to team's/projects constant demands makes his contributions even more valuable to his teams, and Taproot's ability to deliver quality services to our clients.
Project directors have consistently provided positive feedback on Marc's ability to manage his priorities, while ensuring his deliverables are timely and accurate, as well as within scope of his project responsibilities.

Marc is able to engage and get along with even the most difficult team members or client and even persuade them to become more involved in the engagements and will be an asset to any group he chooses to join."
Rachel Kim, Program Director, Taproot Foundation
Marc was a pleasure to work with as a consultant. He asks thoughtful questions and brings a wealth of experience with human resources and organizational management, as well as fantastic people skills. He can quickly understand organizational systems and develop strategies to make them more efficient and productive. I would welcome the chance to work with him again.
Katie Fleet, Attorney.

"Marc has been such a pleasure to work at Splunk and in Human Resources. He is always coming up with new ideas on improving processes to help us “work smarter, not harder”, always going out of his way to help others and deliver solutions. He has been a great inspiration and natural motivator (always has a smile on his face and positive). Our culture is incredibly fast paced, (go, go go), he never misses a beat and always comes up with new surprises"
Heidi Smith, Corporate Sales & Marketing Recruiter at Splunk, Inc

"Marc's energy and HR expertise not only helped with client engagement, but also helped to identify areas of opportunity where our group was able to make immediate contributions to the business."
Erica Stanulis, Organizational and Environmental Excellence Leader in Biotechnology

Marc was influential in developing and refining HR and recruiting policies and procedures at Splunk. He improved reports, helping recruiting process run more efficiently. Mark was always extremely organized, professional, and a joy to have in the office"
Eleni Anderson, Technical Recruiter at Splunk, Inc

"Marc was a hard working, creative, problem solver and a team player with an expertise in most areas of workers compensation claims administration."
Mike Santos, President at WCA

"I had the pleasure of working with Marc at Eplica and HR-Solutions. He is a wealth of knowledge! Not only does he approach each scenario with professionalism, but is quite solution oriented. Marc is well-informed, has a sense of humor, and is an asset to any team."
Linda Chan, Training Manager at Randstad Finance & Accounting

".....Marc has been by several orders of magnitude the most responsive, the most helpful, and the most responsible....Marc Pinto is a real professional."
K. Vainstein, Software Engineer at Splunk